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Tegen Jewellery Website Re-design.

Inspired by the sea, mermaids, & travel, Tegen jewellery crafts unique designs perfect for any occasion.

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The Brief.

Tegen’s talent in creating incredible hand-crafted jewellery has already proven popular with many people around Cornwall and beyond.

Although her website was still generating many sales, Tegen felt like it was time to give it a fresh new look ahead of what promised to be a very busy period.

The brand was already there, and her customers seemed committed, so it was really just a case of enhancing this further into a design worthy of her unique jewellery.

The Outcome.

The main inspiration for the design were taken from Tegen’s logo and existing inspiration. The feather from her dreamcatcher & textures from her beautiful gems drove this re-design.

I wanted to bring this out more though subtle overlays and background textures. We wanted to achieve a smooth buying process which led us to categorise the products into scannable sections.

For Tegen, this is just the start. With future plans to constantly build on this platform, it’s an exciting time for the unique jewellery company.