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5 Must have Chrome extensions for web designers.

After using these useful extensions pretty much everyday for my work, I figured it’s about time to share them with you.

You may already know about these, or have different ones you use. But using these chrome extensions for web designers will help speed up workflow and easily find answers to your questions.

1. WhatFont

Hands down my favourite extension to date. Have you ever landed on a web page and instantly became obsessed with the font used? For me, always! But finding the font will take time inspecting the source code and looking for the font links. This is where WhatFont comes in.

Once installed, simply pin to your toolbar and your set. Every time you land on a website, you can simply press the extension icon and click on any heading, paragraph or button to view the font source. Hit the link to install WhatFont .

2. ColorZilla

Another brilliant chrome extension for web designers which works similar to WhatFont. ColorZilla allows you to quickly snap the Hex or RGB of a website element and instantly copies it to your clipboard. This allows you to quickly copy your favourite colour to your website or design.

Before I used this, I had to screenshot the webpage, upload to Photoshop and use eyedrop tool to find the hex. Use the link for ColorZilla to install and try out.

3. GoFullPage

Another great useful tool I use constantly. The GoFullPage extension allows me to quickly take a full screenshot of whatever web page I’m currently on. This instantly speeds up the process if you’re trying to add a full web page into presentations.

Once installed and pinned, you simply locate the website you are on and click the camera icon. This then snapshots the entire web page by scrolling and taking screenshots. This then combines the entire page, enabling you to copy/paste or simply save to your computer.

Check out the GoFullPage extension.

4. Built With

More for the developers but very useful for finding out what that awesome website you’re viewing is built with. With the free version of the extension you’re able to see all the assets, frameworks and plugins used to build the website you’re on.

You’re able to quickly identify the software they are using and may find some useful elements to help boost your website.

Checkout the Built With extension.

4. Vidyard

This one isn’t necessarily a chrome extension for web designers, but it’s very useful for designers who want to quickly share videos of how to update a certain section of the website. Vidyard allows you to record anything you do on your browser.

If you’re recording an online video call, you can choose to just record the screen with or without audio. Sharing the video is very easy too. Once it’s uploaded, you can simply copy the video link (with or without thumbnails) and email it off to your client.

Check out the Vidyard extension.

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