Students In Mind

helping students and staff to improve their mental wellness.

Students in mind support both students and teachers to create a more harmonious and supportive community in the classroom. So, by using my tools, strategies and tactics both they & you will all thrive during student life.

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Project details.

Web Design / Development / Web Branding 

Enabling You To Thrive.

The Brief

Sarah is a passionate well-being coach who was driven to set up her own company to help others out there improve their mental health & well-being.

To help her achieve this, Sarah was determined to set up her own online presence. This website is would be used as a source to point potential clients and funders too so they could join her.

The brief was to create a simple 4 page website which Sarah could explain everything her and her company stand for and how she could help those in need.

The outcome

We looked at what colours, images and vibes help in creating a sense of well-being. We wanted to make users feel at ease when on the website and not overload them with information which may be too overwhelming for some.

Bringing in soft, subtle illustrations allowed us to build a mini brand up without losing the calm effect. I believe Sarah is doing a great job with this and if you feel like sh could help you or someone you know, then feel free to check out her website: