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KAL calendar – The minimalist calendar we all need.

If you’re like me, someone who needs organisation, structure and who likes planning ahead, then the KAL calendar is a must have.

I can’t count how many times I’ve tried out new planners, project managing and daily reminder apps to structure my working week. All lasting for about a fortnight until I forget to update it once and leave it there to collect dust (pixel dust if it’s an app).

I figured out that all this fancy tech and innovative apps to help keep you on track are great but can sometimes become too overwhelming and complicated. What ever happened to going back to square one and keeping things simple? I think Kalstore thought the very same thing..

Their online shop consists of one thing, and thats this stylish, minimalist wall calendar. The design & build is simple yet elegant. Theres no complicated, fancy hanging frame, or cheap, thin paper.

The Kal calendar is composed of a metal hook style hanger, with 6 thick double sided paper sheets, with months & dates either side. The font is big, bold and clear, allowing you too easily fit in multiple goals & todos. The Helvetica font really shows off the simplicity of the design and provides a weirdly calm yet productive vibe.

All of this and I haven’t even mentioned how greta it looks hanging up on your office wall! If you’re a big fan of nice desk set ups, then this will only make it better.

The idea behind the Kal calendar was to answer my bugging feeling that the tech is taking over. They wanted to bring back the analogue experience and allow you to feel that sense of freedom when planning your day to day.

The price behind the calendar is very reasonable too, with the the full set coming in a £29 – with full refills of paper an extra £23 (considering you refill every new year).

Check out their website if you need this stunning piece of creatviity in your life, or even check our their instagram account where they showcase tips on how to use & recycle their calendars.

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