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Barner Brand – The blue light glasses with results.

Possibly the hardest choice to make for people who suffer constant eye strain & headaches from too much screen time. Hopefully your choice has become easier as you read this review for the Barner Blue Light glasses.

It took me ages to find the pair of blue light glasses which were:
a) Good looking frames
b) Actually protects you from blue light
c) Wouldn’t cost more than actually getting lenses fitted into your eyeballs!

Places like Amazon and other similar market places have millions of glasses which claim to be the best protection against blue light, but when it comes to it the fall short. I mean, there are some decent listings on there I’m sure, but it takes a lot of searching and you just don’t know if you cant trust those reviews.

Because I myself have been in a similar situation, I thought I’d shout out the glasses that have saves my eyes from pure pain during the last year of lockdown working constantly on my computer.

I first noticed Barner Brand on kickstarter. They had successfully reached their total number of backers and looked to have gained a lot of following.

After reviewing their stylish site, and reading a few positive reviews, I decided to spent the very reasonable £54 and give them ago. You should know, before I committed to these, I tried two more other branded blue light glasses from Amazon, which failed to protect my eyes. So I went into this a bit of a sceptic.

I opted for the Dalston Tortoise shell option as they seemed to fit my face more than the rounded frame options. The frames are made from super light polycarbonate, and has a smooth, matte like feel to it, which gives it that high end feeling.

The matte, rubber feeling also helps the glasses stay on your nose more without sliding down. I don’t think theres a more annoying feeling than constantly having to push your glassed up higher on your nose. The hinges & temples are flexible too which also makes it a lot easier to adapt to your facial features.

But as you know, the glasses are nothing without the lenses within them. Before I get into my own opinion on these, let’s take a look at the spec surrounding these.

Barner say the lenses themselves have been created for people who spend a lot of time exposed to the blue-voliet & LED lights of devices (pretty much sums up my life). The lenses are organis CR-39 lenses that block out 100% of the blue light under 410nm and 45% of the blue light on the 410-nm-450nm.

I know what you’re thinking, another brand boasting to have glasses that block out 100% of the blue light like all the others, but let me back that up.

I’m not pooling wool over your eyes (pun intended) when I say these glasses are the best blue light glasses I’ve ever owned. When first using these I did experience minor headaches a day or so whilst I got used to wearing frames again, and you might too if you’re not used to them, but that soon fades and what you have are a very good pair of blue light blocking glasses.

Since wearing them for a year I’ve noticed my headaches and migraines completely disappear, along with those watery red eyes. With my job, I’m usually on the computer 9+ hours a day, 5-6 days a week, so I use my glasses pretty much non stop.

The icing on the cake is that these glasses don’t just do the job, but they look the part too. An with Barner Brand offering you the same frames but with prescription lenses, you can eeven wear them outside and on the go.

If you’re on the hunt for Blue Light protection glasses, then make sure you add Barner Brand to your list.

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